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Do you feel like you've been battling your health condition for such a long time that you can't recall what it's like to feel normal? Is your health condition controlling your life and causing uncertainty about which elements of your lifestyle are worsening the issue?

Now, picture the empowering experience of joining a retreat with a group of like-minded individuals who are just as determined as you to discover what habits promote a healthy, long life. Envision the sensation of relishing nutritious food bursting with flavor, crafted by a renowned plant-based chef. Visualize the sense of triumph you'll feel as you enjoy your freshly made meals with no feelings of guilt, shame, or concern about their impact on your body. 

I understand because I have been in your shoes. But, I have some good news for you. By taking control of my health and making some simple lifestyle changes, I now feel better than ever before, and that's why I am eager to share what worked for me, with you. 

Our wellness retreats focus on the four pillars of optimal health: nutrition, mental health, habits, and environmental exposures. Led by renowned chef Katy Rosa, our cooking workshops will transform the way you cook in your own kitchen, creating meals that are both delicious and healthy (have those two ever intersected in your life?!). And with low-impact nature hikes, you'll connect with the natural world in a whole new way, boosting your immune health and revitalizing your senses. Say goodbye to self-doubt as you discover why our brains resist change and learn how to overcome emotional conflicts and trauma that manifest as physical symptoms, aiding in the healing process. You'll save money and no longer sacrifice your health by learning how to craft household and personal care products from pure, plant-based ingredients. 

Stay in the loop for our upcoming retreats! We'll be offering a variety of styles to address different needs, so be sure to subscribe below to be the first to know when we launch.

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