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Nutrition For Prevention: Get To The Root of Lifestyle Disease


Pillar one of this Lifestyle Program focuses solely on nutrition and more particularly covers information regarding how saturated fats, trans fats, and ultra-processed foods create a welcoming environment for disease formation.

We discuss the factors that big food corporations don’t want you to know about, such as who owns majority of the foods sold in the markets, their interests, and the tactics they utilize to lure you into buying their products, as well as why our brains have difficulty kicking the habit of eating processed foods.

Most importantly, we cover the characteristics of a healthy diet and lifestyle as we turn to the centenarians for guidance. These are the individuals who have lived 100+ years with no disease, proving that their diet and lifestyle is one of longevity.

You can expect to complete this course with a new perspective on how you view food, improve your relationship with food, and tips to sustain a lifestyle shift. It may surprise you that the ingredients we recommend to maintain your health aren't complicated supplements and wellness products on Amazon, but rather simple ingredients of nature.

In the utmost importance, you can expect to complete this course empowered to take control of your health. The human body is designed to heal and maintain itself, it just needs the right environment. Allow this program to be your calling.

What you'll get:

  • Information on how our diets can create a welcoming environment for disease manifestation and how your daily choices can support prevention and healing.
  • Resources to implement into your daily routine to support prevention and healing. 
  • Taste-tested, plant-based, gluten free recipes from me, a plant-based Chef, that our customers have enjoyed for years!




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What People Are Saying:

We have loved the information in the course so far and I especially love how it’s 5 min tidbits at a time. Feels much more manageable for me to go through. I love that you are sharing recipes! I tend to get bored really easily and so do my kids. Especially because your food tends to be very familiar to people when it’s on the plate even though it uses unfamiliar ingredients. I follow a lot of plant based people on Instagram even moms and it just looks so over the top and unattainable.

Gina R.