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Nutrition for Disease Prevention and Recovery: The Key to a Healthier You

Are you struggling to make sense of the ever-changing nutrition health claims? Are you struggling to make food choices that are proven to support a life of longevity?  

Imagine possessing the certainty, self-assurance, and control to select the most beneficial food options. Envision dedicating only 5 minutes each day to inspiring videos that motivate you to take significant steps towards regaining control of your health.

We understand that navigating the world of nutrition and disease prevention can be overwhelming and confusing. We recognize the need for a clear and concise approach to educate and empower individuals to make informed choices about their health. Our programs provide evidence-based resources and tools to help you take control of your well-being and prevent chronic diseases.

Gain valuable insights into the impact of certain foods on disease manifestation, practical approaches towards implementing more plants into your diet, and the role of the microbiome in health outcomes. Learn about the tactics used by big food corporations to influence your food choices, and discover the secrets of healthy centenarians who live disease-free for 100+ years.

Our nutrition program is designed to provide you with practical knowledge and resources to take control of your health and wellness. Whether you're looking to prevent disease, improve your overall well-being, or lose weight, our program will equip you with the tools and insights you need to make informed choices about your diet and lifestyle. 

We understand there’s a resistance when investing in ourselves. So it’s important to remember this: The cost of not making a change in your life will far exceed the cost of investing in our transformational program. 

We understand that investing time and money in an online masterclass can seem daunting. That's why our self-paced program is designed to fit into your busy schedule with 5 minute videos via our app. Our experienced instructor, Katy Rosa, has a proven track record of helping people make sustainable lifestyle shifts towards optimal health. Plus, with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can enroll in our program with confidence, knowing that you'll gain relevant knowledge and resources to support your health journey.

Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • 29 video based lessons (approx 2.5 hours)
  •  5 minute clips for easy digestion (no pun intended)
  •  Fully integrated mobile app for easy viewing and participation 
  •  e-cook book with recipes that have been approved by thousands for their taste-worthiness 
  •  A 1 on 1 virtual cooking class with Chef Katy
  •  1 hour post program completion coaching call 
  •  10 easy plant-based food swaps 
  •  Chef Katy’s secret tips to enhance flavor and health for EVERY recipe
  •  Resources for health forward products to optimize your health 
  •  Practical approaches to eat more plants
  •  Exclusive access to our upcoming wellness retreats
  • Access to our private Facebook group

Our program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try it risk-free. If for any reason you feel like the program is not a good fit for you, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll issue a full refund. We believe in the value of our program and are confident that it will meet your expectations, but we also understand that not everyone may find it to be a perfect fit, and we want to make sure you feel confident in your investment.

After experiencing the positive effects of plant-based nutrition in their successful meal delivery and catering company, Everest Eats, Katy and José were inspired to create an online community that could support their community's health. Katy's motivation to create the nutrition program was fueled by her father's battle with cancer. As they discovered the startling statistic that 75% of worldwide deaths are caused by poor lifestyle choices, they knew that their purpose was to educate and guide those who aspire to thrive towards a healthier, longer life. The coaching, cooking workshops, course content, and upcoming wellness retreats organized by these heart-centered entrepreneurs have positively impacted the lives of many.




30 Day Money Back Guarantee Details:

We want you to be completely satisfied with the content we provide, and we understand that sometimes things may not work out as expected. Therefore, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

To qualify for a full refund, we require you to complete at least 50% of the course (which is tracked by our course progress system), and schedule and participate in an exit interview. This exit interview is a valuable opportunity for us to learn from your experience and improve our program for future clients.

Chargebacks are not an acceptable way to cancel this program and will be contested. 



Disclaimer: Customer acknowledges that the service does not constitute, and should not be interpreted as, medical advice, diagnosis, or opinion. The Service is for informational purposes only. The service is not intended as a tool for self-diagnosis, is not a recommendation of a specific treatment plan or healthcare provider, and is not a substitute for proper medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The service should not be used as substitute for the advice of a medical professional. The service cannot replace medical consultation or mental health services with a qualified health or medical professional. The service should not be relied upon when making medical decision, or to diagnose or treat a medical or health condition. Customer assumes full responsibility for any decision or action taken in reliance on the service and the results of the same.

What People Are Saying:

Thrival Healing is a eye opener on who owns the different brands of food. Katy shares how many ingredients are in the foods and how some of the not so healthy ones are disguised in the list. If you are health conscious and want to learn about healthy eating, you need to check out Thrival Healing. Katy is sharing some very healthy recipes in her cookbook. Love, Dad

Tim T.

There is so much good information here that can be easily applied to everyday living. Learn what to watch out for on food labels to avoid unhealthy additives, also what they might be used for in some products. The best part is the cookbook! I’ve already tried 3 recipes with success!!! Love, Mom

Denise T.

I recently completed the Plant-Based Transformation course and it exceeded all of my expectations. The content was informative, engaging, and broken down into manageable chunks that were easy to digest. I especially appreciated the emphasis on the holistic approach to health and healing, which gave me a deeper understanding of how nutrition impacts not just my physical health, but my mental and emotional well-being as well. I've taken Chef Katy's guidance and am just simply swapping the meat proteins for the plant-based proteins in the e-cookbook - GREAT idea! The post-completion call was a great way to tie it all in. Highly recommended! I can't wait for her first wellness retreat!

Jennifer W.

I am absolutely blown away by the Plant-Based Transformation course! The short 5-minute modules are perfect for my busy schedule, and the information is incredibly valuable. The recipes are fantastic, and my family and I are loving the variety of flavors and ingredients. It's refreshing to see that the meals are simple and not overwhelming, yet still exciting and delicious. I appreciate that the course takes a holistic approach to health and healing, and I am already seeing improvements in my overall well-being. Highly recommend!

Anna M.

We have loved the information in the course so far and I especially love how it’s 5 min tidbits at a time. Feels much more manageable for me to go through. I love that you are sharing recipes! I tend to get bored really easily and so do my kids. Especially because your food tends to be very familiar to people when it’s on the plate even though it uses unfamiliar ingredients. I follow a lot of plant based people on Instagram even moms and it just looks so over the top and unattainable.

Gina R.